About Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson has a rich background in professional dance and has also worked extensively with creative expression as an actress and singer. She is trained and qualified in Colour Puncture, Reiki, NLP, Tachyon Wellness, Itho Thermie, Child Psychotherapy and Life Coaching. Lisa teaches Self-Esteem workshops and Tantric practises. She has worked in a London state school with inner city teenagers. She is a very sensitive and intuitive healer.


Self-Esteem Finally, Lisa combines spiritual energy with dance and music which resonates in life. Lisa's first album, Liberate Your Energy, is full of empowering songs. She directly seeks out the painful moments in our lives and transforms those through joyful and rhythmic music so you can shake it out, let it go and liberate your energy.


Self-Esteem Lisa became a self-esteem mentor in 2002 after she was going through a mid-life crisis when she saw the need of a change in the way of living and thinking. Through that process a profound change lead her to a passionate contributor to people who are going through similar life stages. Lisa makes a difference in people’s lives since then. Lisa shows how to become aware and awake to reality, which enables to be more creative in solving the challenges humans are confronted with. As a result new opportunities will open up. Spending less time blaming others or ourselves for past failures. Instead creating a deeper sense of compassion and love for ourselves, others and life.

Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Lisa became a Reiki-healer and Practitioner in July 2003, when she discovered how much heat, how much energy is available and running through her. She decided to provide this gift to people who need it. Reiki means Universal Life Force. This is the healing energy available to all of us and around us. It works by tapping into the source and allowing the energy to flow through the Practitioner hands. The client then draws the energy into their body to enable their own healing. Its very gentle, and relaxing treatment, and brings balance, harmony to the body and mind.

Colour Light Puncture Therapy

Colour Light Puncture Lisa was trained as a Colour puncture therapist at the school of awakening. Lisa was drawn to this method of healing whilst on a workshop. It changed her life in the way of not having to use antibiotics and being supported by colour light instead. Colour light therapy is similar to acupuncture, instead of using needles to stimulate the flow of chi, it uses a pen light with 11 different coloured quartz glass rods. The coloured light is applied to the skin on specific zones and points, wherever there is an imbalance in the body.

Dance Yourself To Freedom

Dance Yourself To Freedom Lisa trained as a professional dancer and studied at the “Alma Rippon” stage school. Dancing is a huge passion for Lisa since she has been a small child. Now, with Lisa it is possible to enter a world of love to dance and moving freely to music, in a such different way, that enables the body, mind and spirit to come together by expressing the true self in a free way. “Dancing from our hearts and souls to re-connect with ourselves. We let go of any tensions and stresses that are held in the body through movement. We tap into our child–self that loves to play and have fun. We then begin to dance our own dance. Free of limitations and chains. Letting go of our fears and moving into joy, peace and happiness.” Lisa Anderson says.


Tantra Tantra is a lifestyle, which integrates sexuality, love and spirituality. Born in India thousands of years ago, Tantra offers different methods of meditation practises. Tantra is an art, a science and a spiritual path. Tantra accepts sexual energy and uses it as a path to higher consciousness. Tantra has given Lisa and her husband unlimited expansion and expression to be totally themselves, a manifested intimacy without judgement and blame. Lisa and her husband have been married for 27 years and have been practising Tantra now for more then 10 years after having studied with Geho and Sarita at the school of awakening. Lisa and her husband offer sessions to couples in a private one to one setting.