What is Tantra?

Tantra is a lifestyle, which integrates sexuality, love and spirituality. Born in India thousands of years ago, Tantra offers different methods of meditation practices. Tantra is an art, a science and a spiritual path. It is a path of transformation with roots going back to shamanic traditions. Tantra expanses and embraces all of life. Tantra accepts sexual energy and uses it as a route to higher consciousness.

The Tantra teaching of Lisa

It is about love and commitment to the partner.
Many interpersonal problems are created because of the lack of communication. Lisa teaches new ways of listening and responding to one another. The participating couples begin to understand and to see each other in a different way, which strengthen the relationship and depends intimacy. Through the power of touch, couples have immense shifts and transformation taking place. Long holding resentments start to dissolve, and like a flower opens so do the couple with each other.
Lisa gives personalized Tantra sessions up to level 6 for people from 20 to eternity. To be with Lisa is fun, playful, compassionate, warm and understanding. And people feel very at ease with her because they can be themselves. The sessions with Lisa are a soft professional entering into the world of Tantra with the focus on spirituality. Lisa’s sessions are without nudity. The sessions contain, teaching and practicing touch, breath-work through the chakras, meditation and dance.

Benefits of Tantra

It uses different methods and meditations to go deeper into your true existence to accept yourself and the world around you. Tantra gives you deeper intimacy. As a result you receive more energy, the feeling of freedom, confidence, happiness, joy, strength and courage. Also it helps to release stress, anxiety, insomnia and other health issues such as headaches, digestion issues and hormonal imbalances.

Lisas Experience of Tantra

Tantra has given Lisa and her husband unlimited expansion and expression to be totally themselves, a manifested intimacy without judgement and blame. Lisa and her husband have been married for 27 years and have been practising Tantra now for more then 10 years after having studied with Geho and Sarita at the school of awakening. Lisa and her husband offer sessions to couples in a private one to one setting. The meditations allow you to deepen your trust, be compassionate and loving without blaming and judging the other, and reassures you that everything is perfect just as it is.